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Chrishoula Demetrakakis, is born in Athens, with main source of her poetry the land of Crete, Rethymno, her father’s land of roots.

Writer and Poetess, in Greek and English language, with studies in Public Relations, Human Resource Management and postgraduate in ΜΒΑ/Msc in Management of Teeside University with papers in Leadership.

She is classic athletic runner in 10.000m, (Silver Metal on 2005 International Road of Messini) and also she is Volunteer nurse of Greek Red Cross with volunteer carrier in hospitals and “First Aid”.-Now belong to the group of war Volunteers-.

On the professional carrier she is Finance and HR Management.


2005 Poem collection «Poetry», containing three units, “Wings and Storms”, “Crete of Soul”, “Sea of Soul”.

2006: Novel «Fratzeska» 1st edition

2007: Poem collection «Trilogy Universe- Life- Homo»

“Water and Stone”

Novel «Fratzeska» 2nd edition

Scrip of the Istanbul Memory and Myth, performed on “Megaro Mousikis”-Athens.

2009 Essays and poetry «Τhe whispers of the big tree»

Except her multilingual poetry in Greek and English language, her poetry is translated in India’s, Spanish and Chinese language.

She is awarded with the “Literature Award of 2006”, of the international Awards of the Academy Michael Madhusudan and on 2007 with the Doctorate of Literature, from the International Poetry Center on China (IPTRC). The same year was honored with the Gold Metal “Vergina” of the Literature Union “Idea’s Kafenio”, for the culture and social contribution.
She is awarded from the Union of Greek Writers on 2004, the Culture Congress of Poetry “Sikeliana” and Unesco.
.On 2008 she is honored with the High Distinction of “Omilos Vrokoforon Kritis”. Same year the Global Anthology “Heaven” 2008 is dedicated to her poetry and she is including in the “NOSSIDE’ anthology with awarded multilingual poets,
On 2009 and on the annual review. of IPTRC-China, she was in first position in multilingual poetry and the same year was honored from the Cultural association of Atsipopoulo, for the culture contribution

Poetry, essays, sort stories and articles are published in newspapers and literature magazines, with permanent articles in magazine “Kriti” and newspapers “Kritiki Epitheorisi” edited in Rethymno Crete and “Elliniki Gnomi” edited in Dusseldorf.

.She is member of the Union of Greek Writers, the international Association of Greek Philosophy, the Academy of American Poets, World Poets Society, International Forum of Culture and Peace,. the Union of Cretans Literatures and the Union of Journalist Cretan press.

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